Les Enfants Prodhomme - JAY

Les Enfants Prod'homme - JAY

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Welcome to the website of Les Enfants Prod'homme - JAY.

Les Editions "Les Enfants Prod'homme - JAY" were created in order to publish and sell the memories of Maurice Prod'homme, our father.

It is our elder sister who takes care of this site with the help of the whole family (brother, sister, nephews, niece ...). Everyone contributed in his own way to the creation of this small publishing house which will surely exist only for a single book ... The future will tell us.

You will find everything you need to know about the book written by

This book tells the story of Maurice Prod'homme: His youth, war, resistance ...

We wish you a good visit.
Gérard Roger
Ou comment un jeune Normand devint un héroïque partisan Breton